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Strive Education Partnership Dashboard
This web application allows teachers, schools, students, parents, and partner organizations the ability to collaborate on a child’s education from birth to career.

General Description of the Application

One of the foundations of Strive’s work is to build the capacity to make data-driven decisions in education. To this end, Strive is driving the creation of a comprehensive birth through college data system to ensure that better student and teacher level data is available to help determine what is working and where to invest resources. Academic and nonacademic student support data will be incorporated in one web-based system so that a comprehensive picture of student learning will be available to all stakeholders. In Cincinnati, Strive is leading this project in partnership with Microsoft Corporation and Cincinnati Public Schools.

Partners (such as mentoring, tutoring, and after school programs) would have the ability to upload student-level information about the programs and services they are providing to students. The benefit to the partners is that they can help kids deal with issues they’re having in school, as well has have better data to modify and enhance their programs.

In return, the school district gets access to data collected by its partners on such indicators as the frequency and length of visits by its students to various programs and activities. Teachers, schools, and the district can assess the impact of community-based programs on student achievement. Further, school personnel will have tools available to arrange new partner services for their students.

This system will also facilitate better communication and collaboration between schools, community partners, students, and parents. The expected outcome is that schools, the district, and community partners will have much better data for use in decision making and resource allocation.

Other elements of the system would include:
• Student data would be linked by individual student identifier.
• Partner organizations would enter or upload this data to the district’s data warehouse and analyze it with selected parts of the district’s data.
• Confidentiality would be ensured through a system of safeguards, including agreements between the school, the partners, and the parent/guardian(s) of each child tracked.
• System would enable the ability to track common shared outcomes.
• District and partners could channel resources to what is effective at helping students achieve

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